Andrew Hyde: More on self-publishing economics

18 Jun

Detailed article on the financial aspects of digital self-publishing by Andrew Hyde.

So what to conclude?
Don’t buy my book on Amazon. Or do buy it. Or don’t. (UPDATE, I put the .mobi on gumroad) I could sell the .mobi file through gumroad but Amazon blocks commenting and rating for those customers that go around their buying habitat. I’m super happy with the project but really hate how much management of this type of stuff, time I could be working / consulting and actually making a $. Are books just really loss leaders for the authors careers? Big adverts in the fiction section? Not something I thought about until this part of the process. Shouldn’t writing a book be about creating the best user experience for the reader and honoring the art of story?
I’d like to think the latter. We need more art, more stories. Self publishing seems to be a great enabler of this (and the creative class), but damn Amazon, you sure know how to take a great feeling and turn it sour.
So want the kindle version and don’t want to give Amazon 50% of the sale? Buy here and I get 95% of the sale.

(h/t Seth Goden)


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