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Avoiding distractions so you can write

17 Oct

Some Advice From Authors on Avoiding Online Distractions:

I drank Cruz de Malta yerba mate and listened to the same seven to 10 tracks over and over again (Federico Aubele), all while a movie (often “Shaun of the Dead”) played in the background on mute. This was all to avoid the feeling of isolation that comes with work.


Online Writing Workshops

16 Oct

By Dean Wesley Smith.

A. Lincoln: Greatest non-fiction English prose writer of the 19th century

14 Oct

The New York Sun: How Lincoln Emerged in the Stratosphere of Greatness:

Throughout, though Lincoln supported and ordered the total war of his commanders against the South, as the only way to break its rebel spirit, he addressed the war with steady firmness and even a conciliatory spirit, and with such eloquence that he was probably rivalled, if at all, only by Cardinal Newman, as the greatest non-fiction English prose writer of the 19th century.

And vampire hunter.

40 Things To Say Before You Die – Forbes

12 Oct

VIDEO Esquire: How to pronounce the names of Scotch Whiskeys

11 Oct

Excellent video pronunciation guide for Scottish whiskeys:
(h/t Instapundit)

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: Why Writers Disappear

7 Oct

Writers disappear because:
1. They can’t get a new book contract under that name.
2. They can’t get a new book contract because their genre has vanished.
3. They became toxic—and that toxicity trickled through the entire industry.
4. They achieved all their goals.
5. They were no longer interested in writing.
6. They moved to a different part of the industry.
7. They got discouraged.
8. They couldn’t handle the solitude.
9. They couldn’t handle the financial problems inherent in a writing career.
10. They had life or health issues that interfered with the writing
11. They didn’t keep up with the changes in the industry.
12. They sold or gave away too many rights to their books.

Buying a vowel

5 Oct

Amazon Books: Techniques of the Selling Writer