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Attention, Authors: I Tripled My Royalties, and You Can Too

21 Nov

Can’t believe this was on The Huffington Post… best to ignore that. 🙂

By Tucker Max, author of “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” & “Assholes Finish First” & recently, “Hilarity Ensues


Finding a Design Unicorn

20 Nov

In Silicon Valley, designers emerge as rock stars:

Dirk Cleveland of Riviera Partners, a Silicon Valley headhunting firm, said startups have trouble finding a design “unicorn” – the rare designer with the interactive digital skills that many app startups require.”It’s literally the toughest position to fill right now,” Cleveland said. “That equation of supply and demand is out of balance. Engineering education has progressed, and startups have learned to do more with limited resources, but I don’t think that’s the case for design.”