Get Busy Living

25 Sep

Bob Dylan said, “he who’s not busy living is busy dying”

More often than not we are so busy focusing on all the things that “matter” we don’t have the chance to enjoy what we already have.  Our joy in life comes from maintaining a delicate balance.  Scripture says straight is the way and narrow is the gate that leads to salvation.  How true.

The balance of our lives can be divided into three parts.

  1. Doing what needs to be done
  2. Having things that enhance our life
  3. Being content with our own experiences

When these three areas of your life are in sync with one another everything just “feels” right.

All of us have unique gifts and insights into life that only we tap into.  I’d be willing to bet that every one of you want both happiness and success in your life.  Sometimes, we think having both at the same time is unreachable.  I’m here to tell you that achieving a healthy balance is not only achievable but inevitable for the person who counts the cost.  Are you willing to DO what needs to be done?  Have ONLY the things that enhance your life?  BE content with yourself?

I hope the answer to all of these is yes.  If it is, stay focused and the path ahead will open with time.

Living life is not about being busy or having a full agenda, it’s about experiencing a state of contentment that pushes us closer to those things that really do matter.  Those are the hard to recreate moments that we look back on with fondness and a sense of longing.  When you pull your life together and truly start to “live” you will experience joy like a prisoner set free from years of captivity and struggle.  Trust me, even the storms of life feel like freedom to that man.


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